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I am Joshua Styles, a 29 year old web developer. I am a graduate of the University of the West of Scotland, achieving first class honours in BSc(Hons) Computer Games Development. I am currently working as part of the tech team in a web development role for Boyd Digital, a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company based in Glasgow.

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Professional Experience

Web Development: 6 months
SEO: 6 months


NC Computing with Networking & Multimedia: Pass
HNC Computing with Software Development: Pass
BSc(Hons) Computer Games Development: First Class

From my time spent in further education, I developed a strong background in programming and design, studying NC Computing with Multimedia and Networking at college, followed by HNC Computing with Software Development. At University, I achieved distinction for my BSc followed by First Class Honours for BSc(Hons) Computer Games Development at the University of the West of Scotland.

I have been programming for around 11 years now, starting out learning the basics with HTML4 and Visual Basic 6 before moving on to Object Oriented programming with C# and DarkBASIC. Since that time, my ability has improved considerably and I have been exposed to, and made use of, many different languages and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Java, XML, JSON, Python, PHP, ActionScript3, SQL and more. The projects I have been a part of have consisted of applications and games for desktop, mobile and web, and websites.

The range of projects I have been involved in have allowed me learn about responsive design, native mobile application development (Android), SEO and networking. My education and work experience have granted me vast exposure to both front end and backend development.

My time at university taught me to learn and appreciate the "other parts" of software development - the soft skills, documentation, teamwork and presentation skills. As much as I enjoy programming and designing, I feel without my course I would never have discovered that I enjoy wearing many of the different hats on offer and the different types of work they entail, particularly project management and the critical importance of time management. The many types of required documentation and methodologies which keep projects in check, testing methods, processes such as gathering user requirements and feedback are all valuable elements I feel I would have missed out on without my educational background.


  • Java
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP

  • JQuery/JQM
  • Wordpress
  • CPanel
  • MySQL

  • Software Development
  • Website Development
  • Website optimisation
  • SEO


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